CyberCrocodile designs, develops, and delivers information technology education, specializing in information security.


The Choice That Delivers More

When selecting a technology education provider, you look for the greatest expertise, the most flexibility, and the best results, while maintaining your budget. CyberCrocodile delivers it all.

A wider range of expertise.

CyberCrocodile's Instructional Designers are also technology and security experts. This means we understand your business, your goals, and your challenges. Our unique combination of skills enables us to minimize project initiation and completion time, and quickly deliver impactful education solutions at an impressive value.

A better method.

Conceptual Linking® — CyberCrocodile's proprietary approach to instruction — ensures students learn in the most efficient way possible. The methodology links material in a manner that is both meaningful for the student and cohesive within the curriculum. As a result, students are able to absorb, retain and recall multiple concepts across a vast range of material.

A broader range of solutions.

No two clients' needs are alike. This is why CyberCrocodile offers a broad selection of educational approaches, and why CyberCrocodile is more flexible. For example, traditional on-site instruction best meets the needs of many clients; state-of-the-art simulators provide the flexibility and long-term usability others seek. CyberCrocodile education experts work with clients individually to determine the vehicle that does not merely meet their goals — but exceeds them.