CyberCrocodile designs, develops, and delivers information technology education, specializing in information security.


Instructional Design: Defined, Refined, and Delivered

Instructional Design — the practice of maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal of the learning experience — is a core element of CyberCrocodile's expertise.

CyberCrocodile offers Instructional Design services that are rooted in your goals, committed to your budget, and customized to your needs. Our comprehensive, end-to-end process ensures the result you seek while controlling costs.

By integrating the Instructional Design process with Conceptual Linking® — our proprietary learning methodology — we are uniquely able to deliver an exceptional range of advantages.

  • Faster, more focused content development.
  • Streamlined design, development, and delivery processes.
  • Exceptionally low total cost of ownership.
  • Exceptionally high ROI, generated by the development of learning objects that can be used for multiple purposes over an extended period of time.

We will work closely with you to determine your goals and parameters. Then, we will determine the most effective vehicle — from an instructor-led course, to a self-paced, fully asynchronous course, to a sophisticated, multi-use simulator-based course, to a highly customized hybrid solution. Ultimately, we will develop and organize content specifically targeted to your goals and your students.

CyberCrocodile offers a comprehensive approach that maximizes both efficiency and results.