CyberCrocodile designs, develops, and delivers information technology education, specializing in information security.


eLearning: Beyond
Computer-Based Training

Our comprehensive selection of eLearning vehicles is an important element of CyberCrocodile's commitment to enabling each client to meet and exceed their goals while maintaining value.

While computer-based training (CBT) is considered the most common form of eLearning, it is just one of the approaches we offer.

Traditional vehicles include PowerPoint and Voice-Over PowerPoint, as well as video development and Lookture courses.

However, we look beyond tradition at every opportunity.

System simulators — clearly above the cloud.

An increasing number of CyberCrocodile clients are determining that system simulators are the most effective way to reach their education goals. Infinitely scalable and extensively useful, simulators offer advantages cloud-based training solutions simply cannot.

With no configuration or maintenance challenges, simulators offer extensive cost savings. Because they do not require internet connectivity, simulators can be used anywhere, by a limitless number of students, at any one time. And they can be used not only for training, but can also be repurposed for marketing, sales, and many other functions.

A CyberCrocodile consultant will work closely with you to determine the eLearning approach — or combination of approaches — that best accomplishes your educational goals.