CyberCrocodile designs, develops, and delivers information technology education, specializing in information security.


Thinking of an LMS? Start Here.

There are a multitude of variables to consider
when implementing a Learning Management
System. We know the process well.

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Training Problem? Solution!

Keeping your training programs in top shape, affordably. Solution? Create highly interactive, multi-use, always functional, infinitely scalable simulators from the get go.

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Don't throw your money
down the drain.

The right training program is not merely a profit center. Learn how it can be a "highly profitable center."

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Instructional Design

Use your training dollars efficiently.

We have refined our Instructional Design processes to reduce development time and increase effectiveness, resource reusability, and education program profitability—which means more bang for your buck.

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You have a variety of options.

Interactive software simulators, 3-Dimensional avatar-based lectures, video-based "Looktures," voice over presentations, and traditional ILT (Instructor-Led Training) — hear about your options and get started now.

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Conceptual Linking®

Learn why our courses are so effective.

This non-linear, multi-modal learning methodology, which acts as the foundation for all of our learning materials, helps learners of all types rapidly assimilate, recall, and utilize vast amounts of information.

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